Our Vision

Ndoto Zetu is an NGO based in Mianzini, Arusha, Tanzania. Our vision is to empower families to live their full potential and provide a safe, joyful and inspiring environment for their children.

Families are the collective which enables children to grow into their full potential and allows to vision wide and fully. Live circumstances are not always in favor of development but mainly not self-indebted. Our program and the personality of our team members are focusing on the resilience everybody is caring with in them. With our tools we enable families, children, mothers and fathers to refill their own energies and to develop their visions and dreams towards a fulfilled life.

Our Logo

We welcome you to take a moment and read some inspirations behind our logo.

It is said that a long, long time ago three miracle stones found their way to earth. One stood for the quality of strength, another for the feeling of security and again another for the virtue of calm. Together, they created a space so that those in need are helped, those who are persecuted have protection, and those who are restless have a shoulder to rest on. Unfortunately, it is not said with certainty where these stones are today, but maybe they are in close by even right now?


Just as the three miracle stones form a unit, so does Ndoto zetu: Together we open up new opportunities and future visions for children and their families.

Ndoto Zetu Colors


The color blue not only exemplifies the dream of freedom, the endless expanses of the world, but also for the character trait gentleness. And what could be a better fit than family?


Yellow, on the other hand, symbolizes joy, good mood, brightness and radiance, but also implies sharp mind and intellect. Don't you have the association with bright children's eyes, resounding laughter and inquisitive curiosity?


Red is a color that has always made people feel great. It‘s the color of love, but also of fire and blood, so it is representative of life itself. Red is also associated with blazing fire and embers, which represents limitless and energetic source of power.


The green lettering of Ndoto zetu thus unites the opposites and meanings of the colors blue and yellow: cold and warmth, joy and reason, understanding and spontaneity, curiosity and serenity. In this interaction we want to get involved and progress.

Yet another color can be discovered: white as the sum of all the colors of light. From a physical point of view, therefore, it does not embody nothing, but everything. The color white symbolizes, among other things, light, faith, ideal, good, beginning, modesty, neutrality, as well as wisdom.

 Let’s write a new chapter together and dare to start again throughout developing Life skills, open up for Coaching and relieve self – development.

Our Team

Founder and Project Management Simone

Mone´s background in Early Childhood Education as well as project planning and coaching/ mentoring is our base we are building on while growing bigger.

Managing Director and Social Worker Fatuma

Our 24 hour back up plan, full with passion and heart is Fetty growing as fast as Ndoto zetu is. As a studied Social worker, Her love for children and making a difference for them will charm you directly away and is for our daily routines existential important.

Caretaker Jennifer

Brave in all her life decisions and ready to learn and develop further, Jennifer is a role model for our children and families. Jennifer is creating and following up daily routines to support Ndoto Zetu children’s development.

Chef Naza

Her big smile is the secret spice, Naza is not just cooking, she´s creating and gives all her positivity in to our meals. She is a big sister to our Ndoto Zetu children and allows us an inclusive approach which opens our horizon.

Our Board


Is our secret weapon with great connections and advice.


Is not just our legal adviser, she is leading the girl’s group and stands up for women rights and independency.


His background in banking and humanities studies, as well as language studies are a highly valued addition to our resources.

Mama Gee

With her heart open and focused on our progress, Mama Gee is a reliable source protecting our interest.


Is the ears and eyes of daily operations and the perfect connection between the board and on the ground activities.


Next to a people’s person, networking and fundraising, her pedagogic background a source to relay on.


His experience in setting up trainings and coaching our sustainable source.