Our Goals

  • Children belong in their families and will be supported to stay together.
  • Encourage systems to grow into full potential.
  • Implement and guide sustainable development.
  • End the circle of poverty and its challenging side effects.
  • Provide socio-emotional support for families.
  • Promote child protection and gender equality.

Our Programs

Healthy Lunches

We provide healthy and nutrient food thereby support health, concentration and development.

Family Visits

Kids belong in families. Our team offers support and visits at home. Different workshops are possible to be hold according to the need of the families.


  • Healthy Food Workshops
  • Hygiene Knowledge & Implementation
  • Parent Coaching
  • Self-Development Coaching
  • Business Coaching


We stay in-touch with families during visits to express emotions and share experiences. A success has been in having talks with families on how to support and encourage child growth and development. There has been positive feedback and improvement in parents interacting, reflection, engaging and feeling responsible for safety and education.


Assisting parents developed personal and emotional growth, stressful situations are handled less violent and overcoming anxiety a strategy we implement. We see a great progress on how families up-bring and nurture their children through this program.

Family Visits

We provide space and opportunity for creativity to bloom. This program is all about making dreams a reality. We are joining together, people from different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and resilience. Together we explore our skills and ideas and, in the end, create unique products that motivate positive change. One of the key focuses of this program is recycling and upcycling, use capacities around you and develop further with your creativity.


Using and increasing capacities. Explore your surrounding and create new.


We identified capacities with in our parents to get them involved and potentially build income strings for them.

NdotoZetu creatives places a strong emphasis on motivation and inspiration, the program aims to create products that not only serve practical purpose, but also provide a source of inspiration for those who use them. The program also serves as a reminder of the potential in discarded items and the value of repurposing them, while also promoting a culture of sustainability and motivation.


Stay tuned to investigate our product catalog and to find out where you can purchase your favorite item.

After School Programs

Our After School Programs provides a safe, inspiring and creative environment. Next to the opportunity to play and thus to develop several skills further, we focus on practicing life skills.

Gardening Program

We have started a small vegetable garden. At our gardening program, we believe that everyone has the right to access fresh, healthy food, and that gardening can be a trans-formative experience that connects us to the land, to each other, and to ourselves. Our children are responsible to foster the garden by cutting weeds, planting different vegetables and fruits and.


Our goal is to provide our daily lunch with harvested fresh garden result and in the long run we will develop an income string for our parents to sell on the local market.


Our gardening program is about much more than just planting seeds. It’s about empowering individuals, building community, and promoting sustainability. So whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, we invite you to join us on this journey of growth, learning, and transformation, as we cultivate a healthier, happier, and more sustainable world for all.

Age and Gender specific activities

We offer Age and Gender specific activities over weekends and holidays.

  • Women and Youth Groups
  • Girl Talk
  • Father Activities and Talks
  • Family Activities

Internship Programs​

NdotoZetu’s internship program has began successfully. We are providing a platform for young, talented individuals to gain valuable experience and make meaningful contributions to our society.  interns are immersed in a dynamic and collaborative work environment where they have the opportunity to develop their skills and learn more in different activities we provide.


At NdotoZetu, we are committed to providing our interns with a supportive and inclusive environment, where they can learn, grow, and thrive. We believe that by investing in our interns, we are investing in the future of our organization, and we look forward to continuing to welcome talented young professionals into our ranks and supporting them on their journey to success. Reach out if you feel you like to contribute and grow. There’s a space for many talents and an unforgettable time guaranteed.

Future Programs

Safe House Program

Temporary Placements

School Food Program